Contractor's Particulars
Authorized Managing Officer: Rene Ian M. Mayo
Type: Sole Proprietorship
Head Office/Location (Region): NCR (National Capital Region)
License Particulars
License First Issue Date: September 27, 2019
License Number: 46949
Validity Period of this License/Renewal: July 1, 2023 to September 27, 2024
Principal Classification: General Building
Category: D
Other Classifications: General Engineering
Registration for Government Projects Particulars
Registration date: July 7, 2022
Registration Number: 3362-2022
Validity Period of this Registration: July 7, 2022 to September 27, 2025
Kinds of Project and Respective Size Ranges:
Road, Highway, Pavement, Railways, Airport Horizontal Structures and BridgesSmall B
Irrigation and Flood ControlSmall B
Dam, Reservoir & TunnelingSmall B
Water SupplySmall B
Port, Harbor and Offshore EngineeringSmall B
Building and Industrial PlantSmall B
Sewerage and Sewage Treatment/Disposal PlantSmall B
Water Treatment Plant and SystemSmall B
Park, Playground and Recreational WorkSmall B